Friday, February 16, 2018


Three years ago, we knew that they were going to induce Ashley...
From time to time, I woke during the night to check on updates...
And then I got this text from Andy...
Merrriam-Webster had this to say:
Definition of bam
: a sudden loud noise often used interjectionally to indicate a sudden impact or occurrence 
But in our family, BAM means that every time you hear that word, your heart leaps with joy, your eyes fill with tears and you utter a silent, heartfelt prayer of thanks to God for the wonderful gift of this delightful, amazing child.
Meeting Locklan for the first time was like the first time I saw the Grand Canyon...I knew it would be a special thing, something that I never saw or felt before...but I had no clue of the intensity, that my breath would be sucked away, that  I would fall in love like this!
Happy third birthday, Locklan David..
You rock my world!        


Thursday, February 15, 2018

One sure sign

One sure sign that you're growing up

(after all, you will be three in just 2 days!)

You start to grow a 'smush-smash!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bowling Lessons!

When you are almost three and Aunt Mindy gives you bowling lessons...

Sometimes your ball goes so slow,
You have time to lay down and take a nap while you wait for it to hit the pins...
Don't ya just love it?
(Thanks, Uncle Tony, for sharing your photo)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When You're Almost Three...

When you will be three in three days...
It's nothing at all to put four spoons on your drawing paper...
Because once you do that, it's nothing more to ask your grandma to get you some apple sauce
 so you can test all the spoons (that you have drawn around with your markers).

You keep testing until...
Whoopsie, you dropped some on your art work!?!
And get right back to the business of testing spoons, sometimes using more than one at a time!
(and yes, that trampoline is still in my living room)
The final verdict:  they are all good but we need more applesauce!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Quit!

It was a pretty special day...
January 31, 2005...
The day I stopped smoking.
I quit!
(read a blog post about my second anniversary here)
Yes, 4749 days...
or 6,837,120 minutes...
or, another way of saying it:
678 weeks, 2 days
ago, I stopped smoking!
what that means is that I DID NOT smoke 284,940 cigarettes...
that's 14,247 packs!
I don't even want to think of the money I didn't spend
(where did it go?)
Another thing to think about...
I remember reading that each cigarette you smoke shortens your life by about 10 minutes.
Let's try that in reverse.
I didn't smoke 284,940  cigarettes
which gave me 2,849,400 extra minutes of life...
that's 47,490 hours
1978.75 days
which roughly translates to another 5.42 YEARS of life!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A bit of this...a bit of that....

First off, Mom is doing well.
When I reported in last time, they weren't sure what to do with her.
I walked in the door of her hospital room and my phone rang.
It was her surgeon.  He said he had just been in to talk to her and they decided to do surgery that day.
It went quickly and smoothly, two hours from start to finish.
They found adhesions blocking her small intestines and removed them.
Of course, with mom, nothing is that easy...
This time they kept her in ICU a few days because of low heart rate and low blood pressure.
It involved transfusions and other things, but she is home and doing well.
Like I've said before, it's not easy raising parents!
So, since I'm frazzled and dazzled, how about a little of this and a little of that...
just whatever is sitting on my desk top this morning.
First of all Tony and Mindy went on an adventure of a lifetime with friends...
Eight adults and Annabell, who is only a year old!
A week in California which included...
Four Penguin Games
Where Miss Annabelle got the puck!
And made the Penguins' Instagram page!
Alcatraz Island
The Price is Right
And wow, so much more.
In January, 2017, Mindy and her family went tubing...
This year, since they had the old people along
(Yes, me and Mr K)
We went bowling instead!
Locklan loved using the ramp.
Getting the ball there was half the battle!
Uncle Tony showed him how to bowl...
Aunt Mindy was much more fun.  She let him swing on the ramp!
Grandma? She was just good for hugs...
Even the most accomplished athletes get tired.
By the end of the second game, he was content to watch a video and rest...
He was asleep halfway home!
My desk thermometer says it's 16 degrees,
it snowed last night!
Stay warm!












Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's all her fault!

I have been trying to be a good blogger,
Keeping things in order...
I really wanted my next blog post to be about the wedding ceremony...
And the reception!  Oh what a great celebration (with one hitch)...
I have photos of the honeymoon (yes, Ron and I went too!),
and even Christmas with the Red Sock Family...
But first, do you remember this exciting little episode with my mother?
That's when she had major surgery and was out of commission for a month...
What I didn't tell you, and I don't want to go into much detail here is that
she was escorted out of the wedding reception via EMS
and by 1:00 AM, was in surgery to repair a twisted intestine!
That recovery was short in comparison to the last one...
We made it through Christmas, New Year and even a few weeks into the new year...
On Sunday, Mr K and I were getting ready to go out when I got a call...
It was a nurse from the local hospital with an update on my mom...
MY mom?
Seems she was back in the hospital,
admitted on Saturday night!
When we got there on Sunday, she was really sick and in tremendous pain.
I spent yesterday with her and am getting ready to go down there again today...
They aren't sure what is going on...there is much poking and prodding going on...
Looks like there might be more surgery in the next day or so.
Keep mom in your prayers?
She's 86 and until a few days before her 86th birthday, had been doing well!
So...if you were waiting for the wedding photos, blame her...

And they will come soon, I promise!