Tuesday, July 16, 2019

That Darn Fairy!

She must have come while I was asleep!

How does it feel to be 68?

I'm still taking inventory, I'll let you know!

Sunday, July 14, 2019


If you were looking for me today, 
You might want to reconsider.

I might be celebrating!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fondest Memories

 These photos popped up on my Facebook memories this morning...

July 13, 2018...

"What kind of grandma spends the night in her back yard in a 2-man tent with a 3 year old? This kind of grandma!"

 Grandma Jan and Locklan, sleeping in a two man tent in our back yard.

He was pretty excited, but was NOT happy that Shirley wanted to camp out with us...

Once Shirley was gone, he was all happy.

We read stories by flashlight..

And it didn't take long until...


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rocket Man: Crash and Burn

Last November, Mr.K and I went to see Elton John's Yellow Brick Road tour in Pittsburgh.

What a show!

I've been an Elton fan for years, Mr. K, knew WHO he was, but not much more...

What a concert!  No opening act, just Sir Elton, on stage, entertaining us for 2 hours...
We loved it!
We loved it so much, we have plans to see his farewell tour when it comes to Pittsburgh in November.

Yes, we were in awe of his talent and ability to captivate us for two hours!

This weekend, Mr. K and I were left to entertain ourselves.

Mindy and Henry went swimming...

Andy and family (and Griffin) spent the weekend at a friend's farm...

What to do?

We were just deciding when my phone rang...

It was Locklan, face-timing from his mom's phone!

We made funny faces and silly hair styles until we lost signal...

Mr. K and I decided:

We would go out to dinner and then go and see a movie.

On the way, we stopped at Andy's where Locklan came running out the door...

I got my BIG HUG and tried to life him...

I swear, that kid grows a pound and an inch a day.

We got our hugs and then decided on dinner.

I am NOT a chain restaurant fan but we ended up at Red Lobster and then we headed for the Movies.

Mr. K chose Rocketman, the story of Elton John's rise to fame.

Now I will say that I'm not a movie critic or a movie fan.  I seriously dislike trying to stay awake in a dark theater for the hefty price of a ticket.

This time it was not a problem.  Less than half way through the movie, I asked Mr. K to leave.

It was disturbing.

If you didn't know better, you would think it was the story of a porn star...

My advice?

Save your money.

Stay home...

And to quote one of the few movie characters I enjoyed in my lifetime:

That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Henry is 8 months old!

Every month since Henry was born, I made him a onesie, 

(otto mesi means eight months in Italian.  Mindy is very proud of her Italian heritage)

I do every month and will until he's the big ONE!

I don't have a picture of him in this month's shirt, but here's one that Mindy took recently...

Isn't he something?

They grow so quickly!

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Still Here/And I can see

A little over a month ago, I made a commitment to post three good things here each week for the next three months.

About a week ago, One of the best things that happened in quite a while happened...

I had a persistent, nagging, irritating, life-limiting cateract removed from my left eye..

According to my eye doctor, when I asked her about Lasix surgery last September,
I was developing a cataract in my left eye and that when it was ripe, they would not only remove it, they would correct my vision to perfect in that eye.

Since that seemed to be in the far, far future, I just ordered a six month supply of contacts and went home.

Now, a little background...For about 35 years, I have used monovision, one contact to see close and one to see far.  It has always worked, but in the fall, my far distance seemed to be worsening.

Fall got busy...Mindy was in and out of the hospital, Henry was born 5 weeks early and was in the NICU for a few weeks, Thanksgiving, Christmas preparation and celebration...I just made the best of it by not driving at night and wearing my glasses all the time.

Finally, the fog that surrounded the left side of my life was driving me crazy.  I went to see my eye doctor who examined and re-examined my eyes.  Finally she pronounced my cataract was ripe!  She explained that to be considered 'ripe' your vision could not be corrected better than 20/70 and I was beyond that.

She made an appointment with the surgeon, who re-scheduled for a week later (which turned out to be a good thing).  My appointment was on June 26.  I immediately liked the doctor who conducted several tests.  He was amazed that I am right handed and left eye dominant.  (I am sure, that in someone's definition, it means I am some kind of crazy...)

He said that it must have been annoying to have my vision that limited.  He asked when I wanted to have it done.

I said last week.  He said that he couldn't do it that far back, what would be my second choice.

Tomorrow?  He said that he was booked for tomorrow, but how about next Thursday?

We walked into the office where his secretary said that she had just gotten off the phone, that one of his surgeries for the next day had cancelled.  

And so...without further ado, I filled out paperwork, was given instructions, antiseptic eye drops and an appointment and WHAM!  By 11:30 the next day, I had perfect vision in my left eye!!!!

With a close up contact in my right eye, I am so close to being normal, it scares me.  Wearing my glasses, however, it a problem...4 more weeks until they will write a new prescription.  Can't wait!

Now that I can see...I'll let you know what I saw!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ship to Shore

Remember about ten days ago when I posted this photo...

To show you how high the Kiski River was?

Today Mr. K and I went out to check on Camp Manfred.

This is what we saw...

Apparently the river has gone down...

But not before it knocked the dock up on the hill!

What's next?

Not sure, waiting to see if those with common sense can figure it out.

Hang in there...