Friday, August 07, 2020

Pouring Lessons

"Grandma, if you need me, I'll be busy in the kitchen. I'm giving Teagan pouring lessons."

Yes, he was teaching her how to pour water from one container to the other.
Apparently it's serious and important work, they were at it long enough!

Oh, check out Teagan's hair.
She had none for so long, now it's just wild and crazy!

It has a mind of it's own!

Ahhhh, grandma life!

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Back to Back Weekends!

Seems that I no sooner recover from one weekend, 
here comes another one!

This one was a little easier, 
We stayed at home on Saturday and got things done around here.

Early Sunday, we got a text from Tony,
He was at camp, ready to install the ladder on the new dock.

Later, he sent photos...

We were happy that he got that done.  

So much work to be done this year, 
The new dock, reworking the ramps,
installling hardware,

I'm so thankful for all the work the guys put in so we could enjoy ourselves.

This week, Mindy invited her family to come up and kayak.

There was Mindy, Tony and Henry; Dawna, Mindy's mom, and Mindy's sister, her boyfriend and dog were already out on the water when Mr. K and I got there...

just coming in...
Henry LOVES to kayak, in fact all three of our littles love it. 
Locklan got his own kayak this spring and when Teagan saw it, she had to get one too.
So far, she's not ready for the open water, she practices in her Great Uncle Mike's pool!

After we got everyone ashore, we ate (too much)
and caught up.  

I hadn't seen Dawna in nearly a year!

Then we decided that it was time to take a boat ride!

Henry was so excited.  He loves the boat.

He did get to help his dad drive...

Ashley (Mindy's sister), her boyfriend Kyle wanted to go tubing.

Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Of course, you were never towed by Tony...

He can be brutal!

Finally, we were on our way back to the dock.

Kyle was in charge of making sure the tube didn't blow away.

Forrest made sure her daddy didn't blow away...


It was a good day.

Henry, who is usally on a schedule, did not nap.  
He was so excited to have everyone around at his beck and call...

It was almost 8 when we left.
That's his bedtime when he has a nap.

He was still going strong as Tony strapped him in his car seat.

Two minutes later...

What a great day at Camp Manfred!

Sunday, August 02, 2020

This Little Piggy

Teagan loves to sit on my lap, kick her shoes off and play
This Little Piggy.
By now, she knows it by heart.

I just say, "This little piggy..."

She says the rest.

Yesterday, she climbed up on my lap to play.
This was her version:

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy went to the market too.
This little piggy had poptarts.
This little piggy didn't have anything.
This little piggy went tickle, tickle, tickle, 
all the way to home.

Gosh, I hope she's not going to be the family clown.

I'm loving every minute of it!

Saturday, August 01, 2020

What a weekend!

I thought this would be a nice, easy weekend
Ashley was out of town, Andy had other plans...

Tony and Mindy and Henry decided to come to camp.  

Later that day, we got a text from Mark's brother, wondering if we were going to be at camp on Saturday.

They sent a few hints...

And on Saturday, they came up to take us for a ride!

What a great boat!

Henry liked that he could move around more than he could on our boat...
until he got tired...

Finally, he fell asleep on Dada's lap.

We certainly hope that Mike and Michelle invite us to go for another ride!

After Mike and Michelle left, we settled down for some 
serious Camp Manfreding, if that is a word...

Tony took Henry out on the kayak to get to the other side of the river to throw rocks and wade, 
we had a good dinner and a slow and easy boat ride!

On Sunday, by time Mr. K and I got to camp, Andy  and kids were already there, along with Tony.  Mindy and Henry would join us after Henry's nap.

Tony and Andy decided to take the kids across the river to (of course) throw rocks and wade.

Of course, Tony had to ride the kayak down the hill into the water.
It's tradition!

Teagan was ready to go!

After dinner, we decided to take a ride up river...
The guys threw in the anchor, donned life jackets and jumped in!

Teagan always wants to do what the guys do.

and she usually does!

There is a rope swing upriver from us.
It's been there since before we moved in, 11 years ago.

Of course, the guys have to take a turn or two.

Andy went first!

Then Tony...

And then Locklan wanted a turn.

Suddenly Teagan decided she wanted on!

And of course, Daddy and Uncle Tony made it happen!

Where was Henry while all this was going on?

At first he seemed interested...

Then he decided he'd rather play with Mama's phone!

Just wait until next year!

By time we got back to camp, the kids were so tired that they let Andy photograph them.

What a day!

We're so blessed that although we are staying safe, we can still spend time with family.

How about you?

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Last  week, Andy asked me if I could watch the kids on Monday.  

Of course, I said, "Heck Yeah!"

Since it's been so stinkin' hot here, all visits involve water activities of some kind.
this day was no exception!

Pappy just bought a new hose and connected it for us...

Oh my goodness...Teagan got ahold of it...

She is such a stinker!

They got stinky, sweaty and dirty, so when they decided to fill the pool...

As Locklan said...they took a bath with their clothes on!

As hot as it's been, I wished I could enjoy the water as much as they did!

I still get to facetime Henry every evening.  He's so funny!

I'm so thankful that our quarantine has expanded to include immediate family.

How about you?

Still staying safe?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In My Life...

Every year I say I'm not going to think about it...

Talk about it...

Write about it.

Then this morning, Michelle, my sister-in-law, posted this oldie but goodie
of Mark, Tori and of course, Tony.

Of course, it brought back so many memories...

Like this day...

I know I'm not alone in missing him...

We'll get together again some day...

RIP Mark and Arnie on your 62nd birthday!

Friday, July 24, 2020

I Did Not Melt in the Heat!

So much happening, all so quickly.

I bought a swimming pool last year at the end of the season...
We finally got to set it up!

Of course, the kids spent lots of time here.

We managed a visit to Mom's house where all the little kids played...

Teagan and Henry really enjoy each other's company! 

My brother even came! He's so much like my dad, this is the only photo I got of him, (look carefully, he's in the white shirt).

playing with the kids. It was the first time Teagan and Henry met him. Locklan didn't remember him at all. 

Mom pulled out all the toys, but they were more interested in the lawn mower and wheel barrow.

Those kids were so worn out, I plopped Locklan and Teagan in the tub and they were asleep before we got
out of town!

I celebrated another trip around the sun... Yep, 69 and fine! 

Tony and Mindy invited us to dinner. Mindy (whose cooking I crave) let me choose dinner. I chose her Mongolian Beef and it was delicious! 

Henry showed me his tent... he has the neatest toy room! 

Of course we spent lots of time at the river.

Of course we did, it's been in the 90's!

Henry loves the kayaks.
Tony puts him in and they paddle across the river.  The river has been so low that there is a tiny 'beach' on the other side where they go to wade and throw stones

I went with Ashley and the kids to a state park near our house.
It was pretty stinkin' hot and the water felt good.

Lastly, we lost my Aunt Helen, my mom's oldest sister, to Covoid 19 on Sunday.  She was 93.

I can't believe she's gone.

We got to visit with her in February, when it was still safe...

That's my mom, Aunt Helen, My cousin, Mark, Locklan, me, Teagan and Anne, Mark's wife.

Anne lost her mother to Covid-19 this spring.

 Stay safe.  Wear a mask.  Practice social distancing.