Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blogs, Dog, Jogs and Clogs...

No, I have not been jogging, but I have been blog jogging...This past week, I've been reading blogs. Some, I have no clue how I found them, some I forgot to put in my favorites and will probably never see again, but some, those of old 'invisible' friends, made me feel like I was back home again. I tried to leave comments each time, but there were quite a few that I didn't. What a shame, comments are such fun!

I have NOT been clogging, but I did have a clog event. Some of you know, but many don't, that I have foot problems. Last April, I had foot surgery on TOP of my right foot, only to be told that the problem was on the BOTTOM of my foot and that more surgery was needed.

I procrastinated because they told me that the minimum time of absolutely no weight on my foot (and that includes driving) was 2 weeks, possibly 3. Procrastinating was probably dumb since I walked with a cane from January through September. Not because my foot was bothering me, but because I was walking wonky and it threw my knee out of wack.

In September, a friend of mine suggested I try Crocs, or as Vicky calls them, Tupperware shoes. I was sceptical, but I bought a pair. In two weeks, I was walking without a cane. I called them my magic shoes! After a month, I could not imagine wearing regular shoes.

Since they are 'ahem' unfashionable, I decided to buy them in every color. At first, I had navy with vent holes. Next came bright blue and then when Mark's father passed away, I bought black ones (to be saved for formal occasions). Formal crocs...hmmmmmm....

Because they are plastic, and I have a young dog who loves to chew, I keep them under my bed, lined up neatly. I just reach under the bed and pull out a pair and put them on. No muss, no fuss...until last week when hours after I was dressed and active, Mark asked about my shoes. I looked down:

Guess I'm going to have to be more careful in the future. One bright note...if I lose them, I do have a pair almost like that up in my bedroom. There should be a double space here, but this @#$@#$ blogger won't let me have one.
It's been a pretty uneventful week. I did not one creative thing other than gather supplies. New colored pencils, yarn, thread, even a batch of wool sweaters from the thrift shop. I think last week was my 'feed my creative spirit' week. This week, I'll have to make my spirit get busy and burn off some of those calories.

Oh, and speaking of calories...I was sitting at my computer, surfing, when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. It looked amazingly like a roll of paper towels flying past the door way. Since I was home alone, I felt the need to investigate:
Yes, we have to thank Linda Lou for protecting those paper towels after the cat did it! And I would love to have a double space here, but once again, @#$@# blogger will not let me have one no matter how many times I edit this post!
Other than a trip to the dentist for Mark, who claimed that his dental work hurt worse than having a baby...(excuse me, you had a 9 pound, 14 ounce filling????) and one for Tony who said he'd rather have a baby, at least people sent you flowers and cards, it was a boring week.
Maybe next time?
Peace out,


jill said...

I know you can hear me laughing. Sure is good to have you back!

Shashi Nayagam said...

I do wish we had those crocs here. I am sure I would not have had to put up with my wonky self after my fall. Oh well can't have it all. Now I am excersising and never thought I would feel so well ever.

Things that fly past are always suspious and worth inverstigating LOL!
Good to here from you.

Anonymous said...

Woot! I can finally leave comments!!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Maybe I will make you regret moving!!!! Just kidding. New place looks great! And Crocs freaking rock...I just have to come up with a way to wear them to work.

Mary Anne said...


I just re-discovered your new blog! It's so nice to see you posting and be back in touch. Hope your foot is feeling a lot better. Love the crocs.

Bliss said...

Thanks for your support my friend.

I really need to try the crocs, so many people swear by their comfort. When your feet perpetually hurt, you become a lot less concerned about high fashion.

I loved what Jennifer Hudson said recently about all the award shows she has been attending. She said her feet have been suffering most because of all the high heels and standing around, etc. She said she used to tell them she wore a size 10 shoe, now she says she tells them she needs shoes with room for 5 toes. Heh!

Our puppies LOVE paper. Any paper. Toilet paper, paper towel, newspaper...all gets torn to bits and scattered hither and yon.

Anonymous said...

I love my crocs and couldn't care what others think of them, the comfort is all I think about! I sure wish I could find the closed model locally, that way the kids at school would stop saying I wear summer sandals in winter. LOL! ;-)

ColorJoy LynnH said...

The pic is priceless. What do they think in those little heads, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.