Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who's kissing him now?

Last night we had coffee at the coffee shop that is within spitting distance of our house, with friends. We do this most Tuesdays.

It was snowing...again...Mark plowed the drive before we left and cleared walk ways when we came home. I guess Linda was appreciative because she did this:

Now, before you ask, YES! This picture was taken yesterday. YES! Those are Santas on the shelf behind them.

I collect them. I started when Tony was young and now have from 140 to 150 in all sizes. The smallest is less than an inch and the largest is five feet tall. Each year, Tony helps put most of them out. Each year, the display changes and EVERY year, they stay up until at least February. When the collection was very small, they stayed on one shelf in the family room year round.

There is another shelf, just as packed, on the other side of the kitchen as well as many still in the living room. My house looks so pretty with Christmas lights and trees...(YES, I said TREES, as in five or six. I love Christmas decorations!) that I wish I could leave them up all year!

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