Sunday, February 18, 2007

The end of an era :-(
Yesterday morning, in the freezing cold, in a pavillion that (partially) shelters the inline hockey rink, we sadly watched our youngest son play his last inline hockey game for the school team.

It's been one heck of a ride. Four years freezing our patoozies off, meeting new friends, watching the kids grow up. We watched some of our players graduate with almost as much pride as we would have our own and welcomed many new comers.
Tony did us proud. Four years, three years on the all stars, team high scorer (and that's pretty special for a defenseman) two of those years, team captain four years too. He loved the game and it showed. Although he's played for other teams and he'll probably play for other teams in the future, we'll miss the team spirit of the high school team.
They'll have a banquet in March. Tony will get his letter. I'll most likely cry. Maybe we can call it practice for graduation...I'm such a cry baby!
They lost their last game, 4-2, with Tony scoring the first goal and Justin, a newcomer to the team this year, scoring the other. They played hard and good, the other team out played them. That's life. That's hockey.
Snort, snort, sniffle-sniffle...
Jan with frozen toes!


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