Monday, February 05, 2007

I just checked. It's up to one degree. One. Did they cancel global warming? Better tell Celia to start planning a Super International Long Underwear day.

I'll post more when I stop shivering. Until then, stay warm.


jill said...

wimp. just like your twin, right?
tibsmao (that's tucked in bed shivering my *ss off in case you're confused.)

Lucy said...

You had to have been colder in Butler....we were 5 below this morning! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

i think it was balmy here in the burgh today...comparativily speaking that is, and i think they did cancel global warming for the year. thanks for leavng a comment and let me say...that's one big puppy you have there!

Kare said...

Hi. I saw you over at Lucy's and thought I'd stop by. Hope you don't mind.
I'm enjoying your blog.
Did I read that you clog dance??