Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet Another Milestone!

Before I forget, Here are the socks from last week and the week before. A sock a week, I can't keep up that pace, can I?

These will probably go to my mother, even though I really wanted to keep them. When Knitpicks discontinued their self striping yarn, I bought a ton of it. For the price, you can't beat this stuff. I bought some of the essential solids from them and was not at all happy. It reminded me of the time I tried to use a very cheap acrylic to learn a new technique. I probably will not use any of this yarn. It has no sproiiiiinnnng. Know what I mean?

Here is the sock I completed last Friday. I got most of it done on Tuesday morning while stressing. It's amazing what stress can do to my knitting. Some people say it throws their gauge off, but I'm too lazy to knit tight! Again, it's knitpicks in my very favorite colorway (Sorry, sis Jill, I love this one!). I have a pair out of this yarn, so maybe I should give these to mom. I have more yarn like this in my stash in case mine wear out!

And of course, here is the sock from this week. Looks like the Friday target will be met. I'm already digging through my stash to see what's next.

And that's all the knitting that has gone on here last week.

Oh? And why was I stressing last week: I was sitting in the PA Driver's License Bureau, almost in tears while waiting to see if we got this:

Oh my goodness, I don't think I was this nervous since I was 16 and taking my test. He passed with flying colors (he can parallel park by just backing into the parking place-his father forgot to tell him he can pull forward and back up to adjust his position). I was almost in tears as I knit so fast my needles were smoking.

I was thrilled, of course, when he passed, and when I saw that he had chosen to be an organ donor, I was doubly thrilled. Then he told me that he registered to vote, I was filled with pride. Then he dropped the bombshell...he's a registered Republican....

His test was scheduled for 8:30 AM. By 9 he was a driver/organ donor/republican and he drove me home. Within minutes, he was on his bike, riding down the drive, on his way to school. I made the same trip an hour later, that's when I took the photo in my last post.

There are adjustments and changes in the days, months and years ahead. My last two are fairly independent. They have jobs, they have their own transportation, they have friends, girlfriends and acquaintances. They have hobbies, interests and definite opinions. They are registered to vote (even though their votes will cancel each other out). They do laundry and one cooks, the other has all the local restaurants on speed dial. As Tony pointed out, they can buy porn, go to jail and enlist. I hope he was just pushing my buttons.

I've raised 4 children. I've been a mother for 69% of my life. My oldest will turn 38 next month. Without dependent children, I was sure I would feel useless, without purpose or direction. I was certain empty nesting would make me depressed, lonely, without focus.

I might be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the home front, we are planning a restoration of the kitchen. I'm sink shopping. I need an apron sink. Locally, they can be had, for a price. I was kidding Mark when I said I would find one cheaper on eBay. It was no joke. Type in kitchen sink and see. What can't you buy on eBay these days?

The cabinet, however, may not be as easy. As usual, with this old house, nothing is even, equal or standard. Last year when we replaced 13 windows, we learned that there were 9 different size windows in this house. This year we found out our kitchen is a parallelogram. What next?

I guess what's next is that I get dressed and do a few chores and plan dinner. I declared last Sunday a rehearsal for the next international pajama day. Mark tells me that I am entitled to one rehearsal per event, so Celia, we need another pajama day-soon!

Oh, and one more thing...even though your child knows how to do laundry, don't trust them to know what to do when they drop a skein of mother's classic wool on the garage floor. You might end up with this:

That stuff felts nicely, doesn't it? It wasn't a total waste. The 'thing' on the top left made one heck of a dog toy. Not quite sure what to do with the rest of it, though...

Peace out!


Lucy said...

I don't think I'll ever feel the empty nest syndrome with all my puppies!!! (especially Eros!)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh - do NOT tell me they threw a skein of yarn in the washing machine!!?? I think.... I THINK.... I can safely say that none of my children of laundry-doing age would do that. I HOPE. And what were they doing with your yarn in the garage anyway???? LOL

Mary Anne said...

Lovely socks!

Your kids are growing up but you'll always be their mom.

Kare said...

Hi Jan!
A sock a week. I'm impressed! (I love the picture of your socks on the chandelier, btw.)
My kids are growing up too. We had 6 at home and we are down to only 2. I had to go and get a puppy. I don't know what I was thinking.
: )
(Did this comment go through already?)

Anonymous said...

i'm sure when your nest is empty you'll find plenty of things to do to fill it up..that mastiff alone will fill up most of it! remodeling a kitchen is no small feat especially one in a parallelogram! love the socks!

Anonymous said...

They were really trying to help by washing the yarn, weren't they? Too funny! But I may have to make a dog toy like that!

Anonymous said...

Love your very colorful sox, I have made only one pair ever and also used the self stripping but a different brand then yours. Yours are just so fun and joyful looking for sox, LOL!! said...

just passing threw,come over for a visit