Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great News!

Almost three years ago to the day, we met Steve, the plumber. We moved into this house in February and one dark and dreary morning in April, the plumbing acted up. That's when we found out about tree roots.

Yesterday Steve came back to visit again (At Mark's request) and brought his roto-rooting machine. There is a door in my pantry that leads to the back patio that is perfect for bringing the roto-rooting machine to the sewer clean out thingy.

Mark loves to watch his money go down the drain, literally, so he stands and watches Steve cleaning out the sewer. Luckily for Mark, all he brings up for show-n-tell are tree roots...huge tree roots (we have huge trees).

We did this last time and at the end of an hour ($150), Steve told us we were okay but if it happened again within 6 months, we might want to take drastic measures.

This time, at the end of the hour, Steve recommended the water jet. I was all ready to take a trip, but he explained that jet doesn't always mean trip. He went on to tell us that for an additional $385, he would bring in the boss and a high pressured hose that would blast the roots out of there. They would, for no additional charge, run the camera down the sewer to see what else was going on down there.

I decided to watch Oprah instead of watch the plumbers. I was knitting when Mark came in with good news.

I immediately started smiling, feeling thankful.

Sadly, the good news is that we are putting the plumber's children through college. Yale, Princeton and Notre Dame.

The took me into the pantry where the plumber (the boss, the owner of the company, not Steve) had set up a TV like apparatus on which we could take a tour of the 117 feet of sewer line that leads to the street. It reminded me of watching Katie Couric's colonoscopy. I got dizzy.

The best news is that he gave us no price. The estimate will come in the mail in a day or two. The very best news is that if at any time between the acceptance of his estimate and the day it is done, our sewer gets stopped up again, he will come and open it (albeit temporarily) at no charge.

Or, as he said, he will fix it so we are 'good to go.'

Isn't that about the best news you've heard all day?


Laura said...

Phew. Right. We live in an old place with old plumbing and old sewer lines. I dread the day that we learn we have to get a new sewer line put in. It'll be somewhere around $2000-$2500. Or we could wait a few more years and let inflation do its job and it'll cost even more! Isn't that great news!? hehe Hopefully you're not in for a major investment like that.

Mary Anne said...

how nice of your to put your plumber's children through university :). I was laughing at the colonoscopy remark. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sounds miserable. You have a way of making everything sound funny though. LOL It's nice to see your blog again!