Tuesday, September 04, 2007

He has a name!

Finally, after many false starts, our new little guy has a name: Askim.

Tony wins the prize and we've had a great time all weekend with it.

"What's his name?"


"What's your name, little guy?"



He also has a friend:


Anonymous said...

he is so cute! i love big smelly manly dogs!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you are killing me with cuteness here. Nice to see he is fitting right in.


Mary Anne said...

hehe, great name! and great photos too.

Lucy said...

OMG...he is so adorable!!!!!! Makes me want another.....wait, what am I thinking!!!!!!

Kare said...

I love Askim.
I love Linda Lou.

Anonymous said...

augh, the cuteness - it is almost unbearable!!! He looks like a really dark brindle, very elegant. And I love the photo of him and Linda snoozing. :-)