Monday, June 09, 2008

It's no secret that I have four kids. Anyone having more than one quickly realizes that each one is different...that each brings his particular brand of joy, pride, tears and fears...

For example...Andy, my middle son: If you see his shoes beside the kitchen know that you will tell him 23490283 times that day to move his shoes. Yesterday started like this:

Andy, take care of your shoes...

About 10:30 AM, Andy shouted up the stairs that Dad wouldn't let him have bubbles...would I please tell Dad to let him have bubbles. Now Andy will soon be 22 and when he's in a good mood, he's a real pain. I tend to ignore him. This time, I did.

Half hour later, I walked out onto the patio, prepared to tell Andy to take care of his shoes. This is what I saw standing by the pond:

Look Ma, I have bubbles! (notice he has on different shoes, the red and white ones are beside the door) and no, fish don't live in that's really a huge dog water dish.

An hour later...

More bubbles.

Andy, take care of the bubbles...two hours later, Andy, take care of the bubbles...(I'm sure you don't want to see any more bubble pictures, do you?
I had the whole gang up here for dinner. It was soooo stinkin' hot that Catherine and Michael (my oldest son and his fiance') arrived separately. He came in his car, she came on her motorcycle.
Everyone brought something...Mark cooked on the grill. We set up the food on the island in the kitchen. Bill protected it for us. He made sure no stinkin' crumbs fell on the floor!
The boys had an inline hockey game on Sunday afternoon so we packed up and headed for the rink.
Tony, #97
Andy, #1
They lost, but we still had a good time, cheering for our favorite players. Afterwards, they were so hot and sweaty
But the girls had a surprise for them: SLIP-N-SLIDE!!!

That's Vicky going down first!

Tony went down next and crashed at the bottom.

Bill checked on him to make sure he was okay!Andy went next. Notice his socks? Yes, hand knit hockey socks...or so he says. Repeat after me: Andy don't walk around outdoors in your socks...

Again? Andy, don't walk around outdoors in your stocking feet!Never tell a young man with the hose what to do!Guess they got tired and decided to sit and watch the girls play. Kailyn and Morgan had a blast!

Isn't it amazing what you can do with hot, sweaty hair?


sherriknits said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I hope your son did take those socks off, tho!!! haha

SweetAnnee said...

What a FUN day
thanks for the SQEEZE


Teena in Toronto said...

Can I come over to play?