Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's 2:49 AM's already tomorrow. In that case, yesterday was Mark's birthday. I won't say which one it was, but will say that it was significant. Now he is upstairs, sleeping like a baby, which is one year farther from reality.

I must be so far from infancy that I will never sleep...good thing I have dogs to keep me company.

Anyways...we decided to celebrate his birthday modestly. After all, it was a mid-decade birthday, no zeros at the end.

So, what did we do...we went to the river, of course! One by one, they came...Andy and Kailyn, Tony and Morgan, Vicky, Jamie and JR (oh and of course Max and Chubbs, the dogs).

After dinner, we had ice cream cake...
That is the first time I bought one, probably the time we got it served, I was ready to take a nap. Too much work cream?

I can't believe that of the few photos I took, only one was worthy of sharing. I apologize...but I'm sure that before you know it, I'll be back on picture overload.

I just wanted to take a second opportunity to wish my dear hubby a very happy birthday and a big, wonderful year ahead. With us, you never know what we'll be doing next, but whatever it is...I love you, Honey!

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