Monday, April 04, 2011

My cup is so full...I have to slurp from my saucer!

Last night, some time between the 10 o'clock news and hearing my hubby and the dogs snoring (in three part harmony), I gave thanks to our God for the many blessings of the weekend and wondered if you might like to hear some of them too?

* Meeting hubby for dinner after he participated in the Friday Night Bicycle Ride with the boys. It was cold and drizzly and once we were warmed from the inside out with warm and yummy clam chowder, we were so sleepy it's a wonder we could stay awake to drive home (all five or so blocks)!

*Getting the news on Saturday morning that those strange noises my beloved front loader washer was making were probably fatal AND then finding out there were 3 more weeks left on the extended warranty!!!!

*Calling for service, finding out that they would not be able to come until Wednesday AND realizing that we had enough clean clothes to last until then!!!!

*A visit from Mom on Saturday, just to hang out...and seeing her come in the door bearing strawberries!

*Mark, Andy, Tony and I taking Mom to Cici's Pizza for the first time and seeing the look on her face when she realized we weren't kidding, she could sit and eat pizza all day!

*Being very thankful she didn't want to stay that long.

*After watching the boys putting quarters into the vending machines and seeing them wearing fake teeth and stick on mustaches, being so thankful that just a tiny part of them hasn't grown up yet.

*Time to listen to The Jane Austen Book Club on audiobook while piecing quilt blocks on my sewing machine.

* While getting dressed for church, realizing that after a 35 pound weight loss, that I had nothing to wear!

*Time to greet, hug and catch up with good friends and fellow believers before church services.

*Standing next to hubby while making joyful noises unto the Lord (while everyone else was singing).

*Glancing at my son during the sermon and realizing he was really fascinated.

*A lunch date with hubby after a shopping trip to get new jeans for each of us (larger for some, smaller for others).

*Watching my mother, and the rest of the Beaver Valley Choral Society, perform a beautiful and moving Easter concert.

*Hearing my cuckoo clock strike 10 at 10:18. I love that thing but will never get it right!

How about you? What are you thankful for this weekend?

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One of 12 Macks said...

I'm thankful for your belief in the Lord! It's good to see other believers blogging. I like your sense of humor!
I'm thankful for my salvation!
For my son, daughter and many siblings.
This house which was a gift from the Lord!
Thankful that I have the ability to move under my own power, all my joints work (for the most part).
I'm thankful for a solid, Bible-believing, teaching church and my many good friends there!
I'm thankful for my taste buds! And for great food!