Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday was a perfect day! 

It was sunny, breezy and at times, cool.  After 'chores' were done here at the river, Linda and I decided we deserved a bit of R&R.  I put the top down on ol' 'Bre and away we went!
Linda seems to love it.  She just sits in the passenger seat, looking around.  Guess we do look a little silly...
Afterwards, we sat on the glider for hours.  She snoozed while I read.  Reading on an e-reader after dark reminds me so much of those days when I sat at the window and read by the streetlight.  When I finally woke the lazy gal hours later, we walked down to the boat launch. 

One of the reasons Linda loves to come to the river is that she can sleep with me.  She loves it.  Me, not so much.  She's a bed hog!
So much of a bed hog that this morning after she pushed me out of bed, I decided to let her sleep while I went for a walk.  I don't know if she'll ever forgive me, she likes taking me for a walk.

I no sooner started my walk when I saw this:

A Jeep and a VW?  Like a pile of trash designed just for our family.  I sent a photo to
Andy telling him I found him a Jeep. No response yet.   Maybe Pink's not his color?

Of course, everyone knows what the Schenley sign looks like:
 But have I ever shown you Schenley Park?

Oh, and in case you were wondering...the post office is open until noon every day.

I'm liking this town more and more...


My Colonial Home said...

LOL, love this post....looks like Linda is 'just one of the gals' lol

Now those are some pretty nice looking 'used vehicles' there, I'm sure Andy will bite on at least one of those beauties.


Julie said...

Heh! What a fun post! I love Linda. :-) Love the local park, how awesome is that? Sounds like the perfect town! Loving the older photos you've been posting too - those are always fun to look at.
One last thing: whenever someone has music on their blog, I rush to mute it... but Somewhere Over the Rainbow? You have the best taste in music, ever. I'm gonna visit several times a day just so I can hear it. :-)