Thursday, August 04, 2011


Today you will just have to pretend I have wonderful, original photos to illustrate my story.  Sadly, I am not all that good at remembering to take photos when I am in shock...

I had lovingly prepared a crock pot full of

Meatballs!!! for my guys to have meatball hoagies  for dinner while working at the river.  Great idea, eh?

I couldn't wait to get there.  I stopped and picked up Andy and Helga Jean (she loves to ride in the convertible) and off to the river we went!

I was unloading the car and placed the full crock pot on the hood of my car for a second, but before I turned my back, I watched it for a second.  It seemed secure...I turned and heard, "Mom!  MOM!"

I looked...and saw...
Well, not exactly THAT, since it was not on carpet, but on the grass...and not spaghetti and meatballs but just meatballs, but you get the picture, don't you?  In other words, dinner was history!

Being the resourceful woman that I am known to be.  I pouted, moaned and groaned, grabbed my car keys and purse, took Morgan and Cassie and headed for the nearest grocery store where we stocked up on ...

Lunch Meat!

Morgan, a former 'sandwich artist' for Subway, not only made sandwiches (or works of art) for us, but for the neighbors as well!  Thanks, Miss Morgan, for saving the day! that's what happened while I was sorting through photos so I could tell you what happened during the past few weeks...more to come, and worth the wait, I hope!

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