Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Road Trip!!!!

Yes, we're out and about!  This is our "practice" vacation.  In the past few years, every time we have time off, we head for the river.  This year, with all the construction going on out there, it didn't seem like a vacation for Mark (although he did not protest one bit), so we thought we'd like to take a trip or two...

But would we LIKE it?  No we thought we'd take a practice trip.  Four nights to our nation's capitol.  Lovely hotel with the BEST bed in the world...and pillows to die for...excellently good coffee and tons and tons of things to do (not to mention dinners with friends and family)...superb meals (the choices are endless...some of the best people watching...

Do we like it?

Duhhhhhhhhhh, of course we do!

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