Monday, November 28, 2011

Marsha, this one's for you!

I got an email from one of my favorite sisters-in-law this evening.  The subject line said BLOG and the email said, "It hasn't been updated in at least 5 days!"

So Marsha, instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I'm updating. 

I did not, nor have I ever gone shopping on Black Friday.  Heck, I hardly ever go shopping.  I hate to shop, but last week the boys took me shopping!

I bought a flashlight...

(No, I did not get a helmet.  "Locals" will recognize it as Tony's.)

I got a water bottle!


I got a new bike!

Eight speeds, hand brakes and a seat as wide as Ohio...

And it fits my bee-hind just fine! 
Look!  I can ride with one hand!  Next thing you know, I'll be unicycling.

Yeah, right!

Okay, Marsha, I'm going to bed now....ok?



Kerin said...

You are styling!!

Love the pink bike :)

Anonymous said... I your other favorite sister in law? Will you dedicate a special page to me in your blog sometime? Deb