Friday, November 18, 2011

Only at my house...

 For reasons best left undiscussed, I spent most of yesterday in my sewing room/studio/place to play with glass.  I found lots of strange stuff, but this wig, a left over from my dollmaking days, was one of the better things...
Trust me, it looks better on this roll of paper towels...
I INSISTED everyone here try it on...who cares about cooties?

First Vicky tried it on...
Hmmmm, not that awful but not good?

Next we forced Morgan to try.
Nah, she's such a stunning brunette, blonde just doesn't do it.

Morgan decided to help Tony try it on...
Oh my...
Are you sure you're ready for this????
* comment from me, either.

Where is the photo of me wearing the wig, you ask?

Ain't gonna happen.  No way, no how, nope!

Where is Andy, you ask?  He's no dummy.  He worked midnight this week and was home, tucked in all cozy with the dog and cat, Helga and Pele.

Family?  You can't sell them so you gotta love them!
God bless you!


Kerin said...

Tony just might have a career in the entertainment industry :)

What a fun loving, goofy group.

deb said...

I saw Morgan with the wig on her facebook and I thought...OH NO! She thinks she looks good! I am glad you told her otherwise!