Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What are those darn kids up to now?

It's Sunday at 7:30 AM.  This is what I see in my driveway:

That's Morgan, Tony and Sydney (Morgan's sister).  Are they getting ready for church?

Not dressed like that!

Guess they have something else in mind...like the...
Marshall Mangler?!?, an 8K race through the woods, up the hills and down.  Crazy?  you bet they are but not as crazy as the people who did the  22.5 or 50K!

Oh, and by the way, NO, I did not join them.  As I said before...I went to church.
YES, there were other crazy people out there, we had a gang of them representing our friends and family.

Since I wasn't there, we only have a few photos, but I think you'll get the picture...

Look, here comes Vicky, I think!

And there she goes...Run, Vicky, Run!

There goes Morgan!

Spectators?  That will never do!  Get out your running shoes, Tyler and Uncle Mike (Mark's brother and his son).

Don't worry, we'll have them running in the next race...or the one after that!

What do they see?

Here comes Wes and Sydney:

And there they go!
Go, Sydney!  Go!

Since Tony was our chief picture-taker, and since he and Andy were very close in time (Andy asked me to announce that he not only beat Tony, but was in good enough shape to take Helga on a long walk the next day!

Here are my three problem children:

Tony, Vicky and Andy!

And a few more...
Sydney, Morgan, Tony, Vicky and Andy.

Let's not forget Heather, Morgan's mother, and her friend, Wes.
Hard to believe they just ran 8K, isn't it?

And the whole gang:
Those are Sydney's shoes in the foreground.  Guess her feet hurt!

And that's not all!

Wes is a hairdresser.  After going out to eat and watch the
Steeler's game, he was going to trim Morgan's hair for her.  This is what Tony and Morgan looked like when they got there...

They think maybe Tony got bored...so he picked up the clippers and...

Oh nooooooooooooo!

Tony and Morgan after:

I know...it's only hair and quite a learning experience.  When he got home and tried to pull his shirt over his head, he said his hair was like velcro!  The shirt got stuck!

The results have not been posted yet, but the boys think they finished somewhere in the middle.  They seemed happy and since they sat around the island in the kitchen and looked up more races, they must like it!

Who knows...maybe they will find one that either appeals to me, or one that has a cute shirt that is not orange and I'll be out there racing with them!

Until then, I'll be (almost) training.  We have inside info that in addition to the Friday night community bike rides, there will  be Friday night community walks.

Count me in!

So why are you still sitting there in front of your computer?  Get out there and be a blessing to someone!

I love each one of you...

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Kerin said...

They certainly are motivated folks!

At my age, I would rather be the cheer-leader and water bottle passer-outer than the runner.
Unless someone's chasing me that is :)

Have a great day!