Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You gotta see this!

I know, you want to know what happened at the Frigid 5 Miler, but before I show you, you have to see this...

Last spring, while we were at a benefit luncheon, the boys bought my nephew, Tyler, a unicycle.  Summer is such a busy time for our family, and the uni was pretty much forgotten until a few weeks ago.

I already told you that Butler is a bicycling town, but have I told you that it is a unicycle town as well?

Yes!  Butler has a Unicyle Club, Butler Wobble, who meets on Saturdays at the Y.  A great bunch of people and they have lots of fun, so if you are local and interested in learning to balance on one wheel, I encourage you to check out their blog

Come to think of it, there will be some pretty incredible unicycle activities coming up in May.  If you are interested in unicycle and even remotely local, check it out.

Getting back to the story...according to the experts, it takes about ten hours of wall hugging practice before you can take off across the gym on your unicycle.  Tyler was determined to beat that number. and worked hard!

By the end of the evening, he was doing very well.  In another week or two, I'm sure he'll be pedaling along with Andy and Tony!

Someone else was working just as hard, and doing just as well...

Yes, it's  Morgan!  She was doing a great job!  I know how hard it is, and was very proud of her!

Did I ever tell you how hard it is to get hurt on a unicycle?  Apparently, when you are on a bike and fall off, you fall OVER.  When you are on a unicycle and lose your banance, you fall forward and pretty much walk off of it.  Seems that statistically, you are safer on a uni than on a bicycle...

Unless your name is Tony...

who managed to break his scaphoid bone, which the orthapedic surgeon tells us, is very hard to break...but he's all healed now, which is good since he has to help...

Three torn ligaments...

Aren't they perfect for each other?

So, come back so I can tell you all about the Frigid 5 Miler!

Now I'm getting company today!  My friend, Janet, who I have not seen in forever and a week, is coming to visit, so I'm off to get my chores done before she gets here.

Go out and be a blessing in someone's life but don't forget to come back soon!

Thanks for stopping by...

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Kerin said...

Love that 'stick-to-it-ivness'!
Determination... that's the key :)