Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another one of my favorite things...
I do love Christmas!  I love the music, the decorations and the lights but most of all, I love the reason for the season.  I love celebrating the birth of Jesus...
The decorations make me smile but the birth of my Savior takes my breath away, every time!
Jesus is the reason for the season!
THIS ornament, however, is one of the reasons I smile when I go into the living room:
Volkswagon does it...
Tony snagged this VW ornament plaing some silly game on facebook, getting some VW merchandise from the local VW dealer.  Since we both drive VWs  (me a New Beetle, him a Jetta Wolfsberg {which I don't consider a REAL VW}) , it's pretty cool hanging on the tree - especially since it's the exact shade of blue as my car.
Thanks, Tony, and Mikan VW, for the Christmas smile!
How about you?  What's on your tree that makes you smile?
Got that smile in place?  Go out and give it away!  Be a blessing to someone today!

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