Monday, January 28, 2013


In our town, if you don't have anything to do on a Saturday night, head on down to the local auction house!

Wally Yaracs Family auction has been going on for years. 

Although the founder has passed away, there are two generations still holding auctions there on Saturday nights.  

They have STUFF...

And then they have SPECIAL STUFF...

This week there was a tricycle...

A wringer washer and a wood burning stove...

There are boxes and boxes, table after table.  

Wally, the owner/auctioneer, sits on a stool on top of one of the tables and auctions things off...

He pounds on the floor with a cane (he seems to collect them) to make a point or conclude a sale.

It's always a full house, I've seen a packed house during a snow storm. 
 Regulars are afraid they'd miss something good.

This week, in addition to the stove and washer, they must have gotten an Elvis collection. 
 There were 20 or 30 Elvis photos...

Elvis calendars, books, lamps and records.
 If you wanted it Elvis, you should have been there.

It's always fun when they start filling boxes. Morgan started out bidding on two Pyrex baking dishes and ended up spending $2 on two boxes of stuff, including 

A toothpick holder!

Oh, and these...

Everyone got a chuckle out of Tony's reaction.
All night the auctioneer kept looking to Morgan to keep the bidding going.

I managed to snag 17 green depression glass plates for 45¢ each.

We didn't bid on...

a Pez collection or hair clippers...

Although Tony assured me they did work!?

We also passed on the box top full of assorted stuff with 
no real purpose!!!

I did manage to snag a 10 gallon crock that is so heavy 
it's still in my car. 

 Morgan got a small air hockey table and 
Tony got to carry it all out to our cars...

Oh, and he got Nachos.
 I didn't mention they have a full kitchen in there.

If you are ever out and about with nothing to do on a Saturday night, let me know, we can hit up the auction...until then, I'm...

Going, going, outta here!

Love ya,


NanaDiana said...

Jan- What fun- I have not been to a real auction in years and years and years. It is amazing what you can find there. Those green Depression plates are a great find- xo Diana

Dolly said...

This auction sounds like so much fun. We have something similar on Friday and Saturday nights, with no bid under $2.00. Mostly stuff you wouldn't want to come home with, but that doesn't seem to be why we're all there ! There are around 20 mismatched stuffed chairs, which must fill up an hour before the auction, I'm thinking, cuz no matter how early I get there, I can only snag a metal folding matter, it's just good clean fun. They have a great kitchen, that makes the most tender pulled pork sandwich.....ohhhhh, how I wish I could eat again, I'd go THIS weekend !

Been looking around your blog and enjoying your up attitude about life. So glad you stopped in to my blog and left that precious comment !