Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have to have something to work on when I sit down. 
Watching TV is not a complete activity, it has to be coupled with busy work for my hands!

This project, with a billion hexagons, has been a constant in my life for far too long.

I'm beginning to think of  it as my hundred year quilt.  
I pull it out, work a few flowers and then banish it to the attic for a while.  
Today it earned another trip to the attic.

Not gone forever, but I need a break...

So, what project do you have hiding in your attic?

I'm off to find something else to do, how about you?


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Teresa Quilts said...

Hi Jan! I love hexies, too! It is a new love actually. I have quite a few made, but haven't done anything with them as of yet. I love yours. They are beautiful!