Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes I forget

Really, sometimes I forget to blog! I get going in 300 different directions at once and I forget I left all y'all back here, wondering where in the heck I went.

Another thing I forget is how blessed I am, I sit in a tub of bubbles and think about boo-hooing (but I don't because we all know I am a butt ugly crier) Until I remember that I am so blessed that I have blessings to share...and then I jump out of the tub, get dressed and share my wealth!

So here I am, ready to go out and be a blessing to someone. Why don't you do it too?

Seriously, my God is awesome!

See you soon!
God bless you,

PS, can't do much more than give you a peek, but THIS is what I'm working on!


Kristi said...

The quilt looks great; love the colors!

NanaDiana said...

That is a beautiful piece, Jan. It is easy to forget how blessed we really are sometimes, isn't it? xo Diana