Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ding dong

Think about this:  Yesterday afternoon, Linda wanted to go out.  We were getting ready to leave, so I put her out on the tie-out on the front porch where she proceeded to eat all the snow off the porch.

I came inside and was busy in the kitchen when I heard the 'ding dong' of the door bell.

We have only one door bell, at the front door, so I went to answer it, wondering why Linda did not bark.  She was sitting there, happy to see me.  There was no one around.
Ron came to the door to see who was there and I explained that I didn't see anyone but the dog.  He went out and walked around the house to see if perhaps someone had walked around to the back door.

No one was there.

Now we are logical people...we came to the conclusion that either we were both hearing things, and the same thing at that, or someone was playing a prank on us, OR Linda was ringing the door bell.


Of course, Linda is the smartest and cutest dog on the had to be her, playing tricks on us.

Still....we wondered....

We were driving down the turnpike, on our way to meet Tony and Noelle for dinner when we heard it again...ding dong!

Yes. Sometime in the past 24 hours, I managed to change my text tone to DING DONG!

Now tell me...who is the ding dong?

Okay...things to do, snow to enjoy!
Be a blessing to someone today...

God bless YOU!

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