Saturday, February 21, 2015

Uncles With Cell Phones

Everyone was talking about how much Locklan looks like Andy, so Tony opened the ap on his phone to see if they really did look alike...

What do you think?
Now, we had a family breakfast at a local restaurant  planned,
 but since Mother Nature is up to her old tricks,
we decided to wait until next week.
I've got a new project started in my sewing room,
Mr. K will retreat to his office for a few hours...
And then we'll meet with a cup of tea in the family room
where we'll sit in front of the French doors and watch it snow,
watch the birds at the bird feeders
and wonder what those pesky squirrels are doing.
Maybe later Locklan will have his mother call to say he misses me...
There are days when it's so GOOD GREAT to be me...

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