Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Have you heard from Mr. K?

I know it's April 1, but this is not an April Fool's Day Joke!
I start my day earlier than my husband.  Occasionally, several hours earlier.
I was up and at'em , drinking my coffee and reading the obituaries online
when I heard his business phone ring. 
Since he ALWAYS has speaker phone enabled, I could hear every word said. 
It was Paul, his patent attorney.  "Ron, I think you have an email problem," he said.
Apparently, some time during the night, my precious hubby's email was hacked and
sent this to international business associates, members of professional associations
and governmental agencies...
in other words, if you didn't get this, you just aren't on his A list!
Since he has been known to travel internationally, some people may think he WAS in London!
I can hear him downstairs in his office, trying to straighten it out...he's been at it for 2 hours, he's constantly interrupted by phone calls asking if he is really in London...
In other words...he's home, he's safe and healthy. 
Of course, if you insist, make checks payable to REDSOCKMAMA!

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