Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Graduate!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce...
That our darling Shirley graduated from Petco University
With a degree in
Puppy Level 1
Graduation was held yesterday at the local campus.
Shirley was among the top two in her class, according to Dean Kelsey,
as they posed for a class picture...
Shirley asked her (only) classmate and best friend, Squeekers, to pose with her...
And to demonstrate how short an attention span they have...
They learned many things:
Shirley also leaned (and perfected) how not to walk on a leash
as well as how to look cute while refusing to roll over.
Of course, Shirley's father asked her to pose again and again,
He's so proud!
She was so sure he would present her with a car,
She was looking for it..
We will have a formal celebration on July 4 at the river...
As for Shirley, she starts graduate school on July 29.
We're so proud!

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