Thursday, July 23, 2015

Neighborhood Royalty!

It's a long standing joke  among family and friends that I am queen...
Queen of what?  Just about anything:  the Inline hockey parents, the neighborhood, the family, even queen of the kitchen (and we all know that's a joke).
Last night I was performing my queenly duties of taking out the trash when my neighbor called out
(yes, called out...we are civilized around here, we don't yell)
she had something she wanted me to see...
Her daughter, Grace,  came out the door...
She had just been chosen first runner up in the Petite Miss Saxonburg pagent!
Look at that smile, that pose...seriously, this girl is a natural!
Of course, good things come in twos...
And I think Olivia was thrilled to be lady in waiting to our newest neighborhood royalty!
It's good to be queen (complete with Corgi),
 but it's more fun to be surrounded by royalty!
Have I mentioned lately how much I like living here?

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