Thursday, March 23, 2017

Insomnia and a really cute kid.

Can't sleep.  Tried, nodded off and woke again three hours later.
Lay in bed, praying, even offering to count sheep...
Finally, I decided to get up and look at pictures from the past few days...
On Tuesday, Ashley had a day off and I offered to watch Locklan so that she could
 run errands and get things done. 
First we went to lunch, just Locklan, Ashley and me.
Ashley ordered a hotdog for Locklan.
He ordered a pickle.
Every time we got out to eat, he wants a pickle.  He LOVES pickles!
After Ashley left, we settled down for some art work...
Locklan drew circles and declared them wheels!
Washable markers are the absolute best invention...
Locklan loves to draw with Pappy because Pappy can draw a 'choo-choo' that actually looks like one!
Next he drew lines and told us they were 'choo-choo' tracks!
He's so darn cute...and smart too!
Of course, every well equipped Grandma's house has a plethora
of cardboard boxes to decorate...
(Shhhh, don't tell his parents he was allowed on the dining room table!)
And climb into when it's all decorated...
He's so much fun!
He rarely stands still when I want to take a picture, but he loves the Blippi shirt
Tony and Mindy bought him for Christmas...
That kid wore me out! 
I had to take a nap after he left!
Speaking of naps...
My desk thermometer says...

It's bedtime again!
Catch up with you later!


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