Sunday, November 26, 2017

Leaf Me Alone!

We don't have a tree in our backyard...
The neighbors around us have many.
Our back yard is fenced in...
Can you say Leaf Collection Site?'s all good...
The leaves collect in the back yard and on our patio
but having a son in the lawn care business makes it all okay!
The other day, Andy and his sidekick, Locklan came over to do the second leaf-sweep of the season...
Andy did the grunt work and Locklan supervised
and handled the heavy equipment!
Isn't he a hoot?!?
Andy would get a shovel full of leaves and Locklan would blow them off.
Andy's back pack leaf blower is much too heavy for Locklan to move...
It didn't seem to bother him!
Andy is so patient.
Last week, Andy, Ashley, Locklan,
Mr K, Tony and Mindy went out to dinner
and on to watch my nephew, Tyler's hockey game.
Remember this historic game from a few years ago?
Tony has retired, but Tyler is still playing!
Locklan enjoyed working the crowd more than the enjoyed the hockey game...
But we had a great time!
Now for the 'no photo' section...
Last night Andy, Tony, Mindy, Locklan, Mr K and I headed down to my mom's for a pizza
party.  There we met Michael and Catherine and my cousin Mark and his wife Anne who were in from Chicago.
I love getting together with my family!
Now, it's time to get dressed for church.
God is good, ALL of the time!

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