Friday, December 01, 2017

Every Year/Today's the day!

Every year, about this time we get a box delivered to our house.
It looks like this...


No, this is the box from 2014...looks much the same as 2015 and 2016...
It's a Christmas gift from Mr K's patent attorney!
In 2014, it looked like this...
I didn't bother to photograph 2015.
Last year, I swore off sugar (and tons of other junky foods).
It came, I saw and I DID NOT taste it at all.
Didn't really bother me, nor did the huge bag of Swedish Fish that Mr K got me for Christmas...
This year, Locklan and I were home alone when the FedEx man came...
I knew what it was and was not going to open it but he insisted!
Inside the box that looked much like this...
was this!!!
There were assorted chocolates,
chocolate covered pretzels...
and a big slab of chocolate with the name of the firm on it!
Finally...we got our chocolate box and I used it!
or rather, Locklan used it...
For a (reading) bed!
No sugar for me since December 14, 2017
Today makes it 353 days!
Now, on the other's the big day...
Tony and Mindy's wedding day!
I'm so excited!
Stay tuned for the details!

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