Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Christmas Adam!

Just taking a second and jumping in here to wish you and yours a
Happy Christmas Adam!
Christmas Adam?
You never heard of Christmas Adam?
Everyone knows Adam came before Eve!
On a brighter note, Ashley sent me this photo yesterday morning...
I know!  She's earned the nomination for Mom-of-the-Year award, right?
To tackle a ginger bread house with a two year old?
Considering I'm the mom who once bought all the ingredients for Christmas cookies and then proceeded to eat them right out of the pantry before baking, I was feeling pretty inadequate...
Five minutes later, I got a text message that said that right after this photo, she moved the house and it caved in...
I felt better.
So, let's get busy, all those last minute things we need to do...
I'll meet you back here tomorrow, all relaxed and stuff, feet up,
a cup of tea and a few cookies...
For now,
Stay safe, stay warm, and remember:
Jesus is the reason for the season!

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

Okay- that WAS a groaner, Jan. But the little guy makes up for it- he is precious.

I was trying to tell the 5 year old an "elephant joke" yesterday. I asked -do you know how to hide an elephant? He said- Yeah-you put a great big blanket over it. I said--No---You are supposed to say HOW? He says- Ok...I try again---Do you know how to hide an elephant? He says- Yeah- You put it in a big grey building. I started laughing. I said NO- You have to say HOW, ok? Yep-he says-OK. I try once again. Carlisle,How do you hide an elephant? He says- You throw a big blanket over it and put it in a big building. I gave up! lol

Merry Christmas to you. xo Diana