Thursday, December 28, 2017

Those who know me...

If you know me well, or even slightly...
You would know that I have a room in my house...
Most people call it their living room...
My kids refer to it as the 'keep out' room!
It's the 'company room' where we never go...
The room we use to open Christmas gifts.
That is, until Locklan!
This year, for Christmas he got a "tramporine" or as we call it, trampoline.
It's really for the back yard, but it's -5° out there and no matter how much you jump up and down, you'll freeze!
Grandma figured that if you aren't allowed to SIT in the living room,
you might as well jump in there!
Last night, Andy and Tony set it up.

Locklan spent the night with Grandma and Pappy...
Guess what he did first thing this morning and all day long?

All to the tune of Old McDonald's Farm because I got
Andy and Ashley an Alexa for Christmas and
Locklan knows how to use it!
Can you tell I'm we're having the time of my our  lives?

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