Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A bit of this...a bit of that....

First off, Mom is doing well.
When I reported in last time, they weren't sure what to do with her.
I walked in the door of her hospital room and my phone rang.
It was her surgeon.  He said he had just been in to talk to her and they decided to do surgery that day.
It went quickly and smoothly, two hours from start to finish.
They found adhesions blocking her small intestines and removed them.
Of course, with mom, nothing is that easy...
This time they kept her in ICU a few days because of low heart rate and low blood pressure.
It involved transfusions and other things, but she is home and doing well.
Like I've said before, it's not easy raising parents!
So, since I'm frazzled and dazzled, how about a little of this and a little of that...
just whatever is sitting on my desk top this morning.
First of all Tony and Mindy went on an adventure of a lifetime with friends...
Eight adults and Annabell, who is only a year old!
A week in California which included...
Four Penguin Games
Where Miss Annabelle got the puck!
And made the Penguins' Instagram page!
Alcatraz Island
The Price is Right
And wow, so much more.
In January, 2017, Mindy and her family went tubing...
This year, since they had the old people along
(Yes, me and Mr K)
We went bowling instead!
Locklan loved using the ramp.
Getting the ball there was half the battle!
Uncle Tony showed him how to bowl...
Aunt Mindy was much more fun.  She let him swing on the ramp!
Grandma? She was just good for hugs...
Even the most accomplished athletes get tired.
By the end of the second game, he was content to watch a video and rest...
He was asleep halfway home!
My desk thermometer says it's 16 degrees,
it snowed last night!
Stay warm!












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