Thursday, January 04, 2018

It's a Hottie, to be sure!

I woke up this morning in a sweat...
It was 11° out there (according to the remote thermometer on my desk).  It was -5° out there yesterday, so it's a true heat wave!
Good thing...the dogs have spent the last few days wrapped up in cuddly blankets...
According to Mr K, it's a great day for grocery shopping.
I'm not sure why...
Just because if I don't, we'll be eating peanut butter and black bean sandwiches on hot dog buns for dinner?
Talk about picky. 
Yesterday, Locklan came to spend the day with me.
He's such a hoot.
I have a teddy bear that can repeat what you say.
Locklan gets in arguments with it. 
Locklan says the bear is his friend.
The bear says, "He's my friend."
Locklan gets all bent out of shape and says, even louder, "No! He's my friend!"
The bear repeats it.
It goes on and on until Mr K or I interrupt them!
Yesterday, I walked into the living room to see Locklan practicing diapering...

Isn't that adorable?
Guess they are friends now...
Okay, I have spent enough time playing here...
I'm off to the grocery store!
Catch up with you (and more wedding photos) as soon as I thaw!

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