Monday, December 17, 2018

Come meet Teagan

With all the excitement about Henry, the news about Teagan Rae,
who came during my blogging break, got lost.

Not for long!

Let me tell you about Teagan.

She was due on April 22, they scheduled induction for April 23.

This sweet family of three was about to become a family of four!

About 5AM on April 21, Ashley called.  Her water broke.

The hospital was almost an hour away...

Locklan and I snuggled while we waited..

and waited...


Miss Teagan Rae!

 She was beautiful from the start!

Tony, Mindy and I had the honor of taking Locklan down to meet her for the first time...

He was thrilled!  The first words out of his mouth were, "Oh, she's so cute!"

Bam!  Family of four!

Yes, she was a little opinionated...

And Locklan was smitten!

She loved her brother, that's for sure!

But not everyone!!!

She grew so fast...

And she really loves her big brother...

And mom...

And she's clearly daddy's girl!

 She's our  little princess!


Forgot to add this one in...

Yes, she fell asleep while she was eating!

She puts the grand in granddaughter!

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