Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Here I Sit...

Remember the days of pay toilets?

I'm so old,  I do!
  I remember going to WT Grant and waiting for someone to come out of the rest room and holding the door open to save me 10¢!

I remember reciting that old rhyme,

Here I sit, broken hearted,
Paid a dime to poop and only farted!

That's how I feel this morning.

No!  I didn't have to pay to poop.

Much worse than that!  

Remember this photo of my Christmas tree last year?

It was a brand new tree!  I hate putting lights on my trees, but I love trees with lots of lights.

I searched and searched and paid a fortune for this wonderful, pre-lit tree.

I carefully put the tree away, making sure that all the connections were protected.

Yesterday, Andy came and braved those attic stairs and brought the tree(s) down.

As Alexia played cheerful Christmas music, I assembled the tree...

I plugged it in...

Here I sit, broken hearted...


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