Monday, August 12, 2019

The Amazing Mr. K

When we were dating, Mr. K had a vast collection of recipes.

I am not sure he ever made many of them.

Other than breakfast food, I only know of two no three things:

Beef Barley Soup
Soup of errors.

The recipes for the first two were in the same cook book, on consecutive pages.

The first time he made chili (one of my favorites) it was delicious.

Next he made Beef Barley Soup,  It was heavenly.

The next thing he made was soup of errors...

It was awful!  He tried to make excuses, he was sure it was the beef, then the barley...
something was wrong.  He was explaining the mess to his youngest son.  Suddenly he had an was a bad can of tomatoes.

"Dad, there aren't any tomatoes in this recipe."

He solved the mystery.  

Mr. K, who has Sheldon Cooper like power of concentration,
simply turned the page half way through the recipe...

What we had was beef barley chili soup.

Call it what you will, it was so bad he didn't try anything for years.

Today we were watching Naturally, Danny Seo.  The guy was demonstrating how to cube a fresh pineapple.

Then he made a pineapple streudel.

Suddenly, Mr. K jumped up and announced he was making a pineapple streudel.

He began backing up the program and writing down the recipe
(Mr. K doesn't google things).

Next thing I knew, Mr. K and his grocery list was out the door.

More than an hour later, he came home and proceeded to spread things around the kitchen.

He asked a few questions (What is parchment paper?)

In 30 or so minutes...

No, it's not the most beautiful thing, but consider it is the first thing he baked besides microwaved baked potatoes...


I don't eat pineapple, I don't do bread.  I had to try this.  
It was good!

Way to go, Mr. K!

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Martha said...

That is fabulous! I have never made a strudel, but I have thought about it.