Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Where in the world are....

Jan and Mr. K?

Last Sunday morning, we boarded a plane in Pittsburgh...

Flew into Boston

Where we were whisked away onto a shuttle bus

Driven to what felt like a warehouse

and spewed with what seemed like a million others...

Into this!

The Serenade of the Seas!

We've been on the move ever since.

We are on a seven day New England and Canada trip.

North in the fall, one of my favorite times and places.

Two days ago, we landed in St. John, NB, which has an incredible story.

I call it story, it's too rich to be called history.

Yesterday, a day at sea, we saw dolphins and whales!

This morning, we arrived in Halifax, NS.  

I can't wait to check it out!

Our suite is spacious and homey...

The food is amazing.

I love room service breakfasts...

Maid service...

Turn down service...


I'm still trying to jiggle and joggle photos from one place (phone) to the other...

It takes forever but I do have one.

Want to see it?  

The escargot that was my appetizer at dinner last night!

I'll catch up with you soon!

~Do you think I could convince Mr. K (and my entire family) to live on a ship full time

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