Monday, April 02, 2007


Motherhood is all about repitition. I've been a mother for 38 years and every night for the past 35 of those years, I said the above phrase, as fast as I can, to each child. GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow. And again GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow. Maybe one more time: GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow. There were times when all 4 of them were home: GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow. Sometimes they had friends for sleep overs: GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow. GoodnightIloveyouseeyoutomorrow.

You say it often enough and they learn to say it back. They understand it. They know what you are saying. Sooner or later, even the most bone headed of them learns this lesson.

Now that Andy is 20 and Tony is 18, I have added to my repertoire: When they leave the house, they never go without me telling them that I love them, to be careful, remember the curfew and to use common sense. IloveyoubecarefulwatchthetimeandTHINK!!! Andy leaves for work: IloveyoubecarefulwatchthetimeandTHINK!!! Tony leaves for school: IloveyoubecarefulwatchthetimeandTHINK!!!

Now that Andy and Kailyn have been dating for a year, she has become part of the family. She is like one of the kids. She gets the Goodnight speech and the Think one as well.

Tonight Tony drove himself to the dentist for the first time ever. He took his golf clubs to stop at the country club afterwards to play 9 holes. As he walked out the door, I called after him: IloveyoubecarefulwatchthetimeandTHINK!!! Thirty minutes later, Andy and Kailyn pulled in to gather their ropes and stuff to go rappelling. I know that they are safety conscious. They understand the risks. They know I understand that they understand and we all understand that some things are just not in our control.

As they left, I called after the red jeep going down the drive: IloveyoubecarefulwatchthetimeandTHINK!!!

And now, four hours later, I am sitting here waiting for Andy to call and tell me if Kailyn's ankle is broken or not. I wanted to shout at them. I wanted to ask them if it was the becareful or the THINK that they forgot, but I know that the answer wouldn't be important, but that they might shout at me as I leave the house the same thing Michael told me about 35 years ago: You're not the boss of EVERYTHING!

I'm not...I know that...I'm the queen.

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Mary Anne said...

oh, it's so difficult not to feel this way. I'm the same with my buddy. I feel somehow I should be able to prevent anything bad happening to him. Instead, we hope for the best and send them off with our love and good wishes.