Monday, April 02, 2007

Lots of things going on!

Seems as if it was only a day or two since my last real post (the last one doesn't count), but the truth is, it's been forever! I know, I broke my promise to myself, and am I ever catching heck from myself. I promise to try to do better! get us caught up:

On the knitting front:

I finally finished this pair, in my favorite colorway from knitpicks (discontinued)
This pair is my back up pair.

My first pair of Opal! I don't remember the colorway, but since they are shorties, of course they are for me too.

I wish I could remember what kind of yarn I used for this pair. Lanna Grosso? I'll look if anyone has to know. Otherwise, I'm not moving from my chair.

On the homefront:

Tony has been saving money for the past few years to purchase one of his two dream vehicles. He finally brought it home:

And took it for a ride:

Yes, I am nervous, but as he pointed out, he's been driving a bicycle in traffic for two years and I can't keep him home forever...

I woke up one morning last weekend to find my husband out in the front yard doing this. He told me that it had something to do with being married for 22 years. Yikes!

Was I relieved to see that this was what he had in mind. I've been asking for a flag pole for years. This one is just want I wanted!

Since we are talking about digging in the yard, I was poking around in a flower bed and found this: Could it be St. Joseph? Whoever he is, he didn't work. This house was on the market for quite a while.

And a visit from my grandson sporting a lime green cast. He broke a bone in his hand. This is his fourth broken bone in three mishaps and he's only 14! Today is Mark's first day in his new position. I didn't even hear him leave. So far, he's called and emailed twice. Can't be working too hard.

He spent most of yesterday setting up his home office. This may become interesting...

I'm sure there is more to tell, but the sun is out and I want to be out there too, so more next time!

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