Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't mess with Vic!

I have a teeny tiny daughter who is one of those women we all hate: She can walk for miles in 4" heels. She can walk into a store and ask if something comes in a size 4 and they know she wants it for her self. Her hair is long and naturally curly! Her teeth are the exact shade of white that my dentist assured me never happens in real teeth (but she is proof that it does!). She is so girly that she asked the bank where she works to give her the title LOAN PRINCESS.

She loves clothes! She loves shoes! She loves fashion accessories. Here is a picture of her latest accessory:

Yes! Last night she sparred with tons of black belted people, broke a bunch of boards and reached one of her dreams: Her second degree black belt. I didn't realize that she was testing last night because she did not tell me at my request. I cannot handle the huge amount of stress or seeing people kicking at my only daughter. I only knew after she came running into house at 10 PM, in tears.

I did what any mother would do. I cried too, and then I reached for my camera, of course. This is what she looks like after fighting off scores of black belted people, sobbing with joy and breaking her mother's camera:
Well, I'm not sure she broke it, but my flash refused to go off. flash, horrible over head lights, tears and all, doesn't she look pretty?

I'm so proud, but I certainly won't mess with her...


Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a more dainty black belt! Daughters are great for making you cry with joy! Definitly a daughters day.

jill said...

I don't think I'd mess with her either. What an accomplishment!