Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We have a new baby in the family!

Meet____________, the dog with no name! He's an English Mastiff (yes,another one) and almost 9 weeks old and weighs in at about 30 pounds. Although he looks black, he has light strawberry blonde stripes. Interesting combination. Right now he's asleep, but it wasn't always that way

Yes, he has a wrinkle on his nose! Isn't he adorable?

Yes, he's on the dash of my van, waiting for his daddy to bring coffee.
Yes, they do get big (just look at Linda!) but they are called Gentle Giants and the term is well deserved. I tried to hold out, but just because when two of the three dogs in our family will reach a total weight of about 300 pounds or more isn't a reason not to adopt...is it?

He has no name. So far, the family has suggested: U-Joint, Wood Chipper (or Woody or Chipper for short), Walter, Tiny, Snowball and Puff.

What do YOU think?




Anonymous said...

How about Blue. He looks like a Blue to me. He is adorable.

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. How about "Yager" or my favorite name "Forest"? I wanted to name our pup that but I was out voted. :( We have an english Mastiff as well. He is 9 months old and weighs 120 lbs. :) His name is Hagen. I surprised my family with him for Christmas. definately the best Christmas present ever. He looks like a very dark brindle, almost like a reverse brindle. I bet he is going to be a very handsome boy when he grows up. Congratulations! Jenn
Here is my Hagen's myspace. LOL he has a lot of friends that like to watch him grow.

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable! What does Linda think of him? I am so bad at names, that is why I have my blog readers name my dogs - heh.

blissfulknitter at gmail dot com

Lucy said...

OMG...I want to say "are you nuts?" but I know better...they are AWESOME INCREDIBLY LOVEABLE DOGS!!!!! Mine is flinging his slobber higher and higher....I'm waiting for it to hit the ceiling one day!! congrats and he is Gorgeous!!!

Kare said...

omg omg omg!!!!
I'm so excited for you! How's Linda Lou with him?
I love the name Blue, too.
And Poncho.
Oh, it just doesn't matter. He's so perfect! Congrats!

Kare said...
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Mary Anne said...

What a beautiful pup. I like the name already suggested - Blue.

jill said...

What I want to know is...how much do those Gentle Giants eat in a week? Are the boys (human) cheaper than the dogs to feed? lol

He's adorkable as E would say.