Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

This morning, I looked out in the driveway and saw my son cleaning his golf clubs before leaving for his first ever college golf team match. I got all sniffly and ran for my camera.

And then, I looked in the trunk of his car. Doesn't this look like a single golf nerd's car?
And the I remembered it was his birthday! His 19th! One great thing about him being 19 is that he has a girlfriend who took over my kitchen all day to make a birthday dinner for Tony and two other friends. It was late when they got back from the match, so they ate by candle light.
She even baked a cake with lovely Happy Birthday Candles!
Mark said it was the best lasagna he ever tasted. Sorry about the bad photo...I was sniffling again...I get very emotional!
Oh...Tony is wearing my Happy Birthday hat that the kids bought me on vacation this year. I think we'll be seeing this often! My photos of Morgan and Tony are so terrible and they are such a handsome couple. Here's proof:
Taken on August 14,their 6 month anniversary!

Oh, and if your van windows have vertical slobber tracks like this:

It probably means that there is a mutt and a mastiff inside, getting to take your car (probably without permission).

Sweet Dreams, all!


Mary Anne said...

What a lovely dinner Tony's girlfriend made for him. The cake is awesome. They both look so cute and happy together.

Lucy said...

Don't ya just love those girlfriends!!!! Hey...awesome pics of the dogs trying to runaway!!!!

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Love the dog van has those same marks!!! dog drool! My great dane and my mutt love to go in the mutt looks like he could be related to your brindle much does that one weigh? We adopted him from the SPCA and they said he was a lab/bulldog mix, but he just keeps getting bigger and bigger, very broad and so strong...I loose every time at tug of war with him! Dogs are one of lifes greatest pleasures!-Sandra