Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Squeezing My Bum Cheeks!

Years ago, when I was teaching my younger brother to drive, when he got in a tight squeeze, I would squeeze my bum cheeks together, as if that would make my school bus yellow VW Beetle smaller.

At first, I didn't tell him, but once I confessed, he seemed pleased. Occasionally, when the streets were narrow and the cars were huge, he'd ask me to squeeze them.

In the 30 years since then, when someone in our family gets in a tight squeeze, we tell them that we'll squeeze our bum cheeks together for them.

Tonight, it wasn't my brother, but the entire Pittsburgh Penguins team that had me squeezing my cheeks for them....and this time it really worked. These big ol' bum cheeks finally got the fans some of the best hockey I've ever was amazing, but now, whew...I'm tired!


Sarah Louise said...

Great cake! I heard the first goal as I drifted off into sleep (I know!) but glad yins were pulling for the team. Thanks for stopping by!

SweetAnnee said...

well squeeze for me too
I'm in between chemo and


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sherriknits said...

I just read your dog story below and left a comment. What an entertaining visit I've had. Thanks so much for visiting me!

Unknown said...

ROLF! I just lOVE this! Now I will probably be squeezing mine also... they sure could use that! Love it!