Friday, June 06, 2008

Gedda Grip

I've talked, from time to time, of my beautiful daughter who beats people up for fun and looks beautiful doing it. I'm not sure if I mentioned, somewhere in blogdom, if I mentioned that she, her husband and son love to ride quads as well.

As with other things, she manages to become covered in mud and still look stunning:

Lately, there have been many stressful things going on in her life. Like many of us, she feels as though she can take the blame for all the mistakes in the world and therefore managing to lessen the burden on the hearts of others. As a mother, I certainly understand, but remember...she's a second degree black belt. I can't slap her silly!

This morning, I got an email from her talking about how stressed out her dog was, and how she felt guilty about that (now who didn't know THAT would happen eventually)...and then she went on to say this:

"Then, on my way into work, I get behind 2 people at 2 different times going under 30 MPH!!! I don’t even SEE 2 people on that drive much less get behind them! Well, just as I made the decision to ram the second one, I was attacked! Blitzed! There was an animal in my car!!! Over my shoulder flutters the hugest, most perfect butterfly I had ever seen and it landed on my hand! Well, that was like a message from god telling me to get a grip. I really laughed! I had to check to be sure that no one was behind me so I could stop and let him out. I didn’t wanna chuck him out the window at 30MPH!!! "

That's like every mama's dream...when you have that aha! moment when you realize that your child knows something you want them to know!!! Wanna see what she looks like when she smiles?

Remember to stop and let the butterflies out of your car...

It's going to be a busy weekend. Tony's girlfriend graduates tonight, tomorrow is her party...then Sunday all my kids will be here for a cookout. Maybe I'll have pictures of all of them to share when I get back. Until then, here's a picture of all my kids (and grandson), Christmas, 1997!


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Anonymous said...

hey jan ! it's been a while since i checked in on your blog to see what' been ging on and bill has sure grown into a handsome beast! love the stories of his antics! i ran across your video on you tube when i was looking at my ownand said oh i know that woman! anyway my beast loves the laser pointer he calls it the dot! and knows the word!