Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good to see you!

I know...I missed all of you, too! I have been away so long, for various reasons, but I thought you'd like to see what we've been doing for the past year (yes, it's been a year!) and find out what we're doing now...

Let's get caught up quickly, okay? The only way I know how is to post 12 consecutive days, one for each of the past 12 months. Stick around, might be worth the wait!

Let's see, we left off last June, just when the flowers were blooming and things were coming along nicely. Andy had put bubbles in the pond...

and being the mean parents that we are, we made him clean it up. Of course, he felt bad..
But before too many days, things (as far as the pond, that is) were back to normal!

The boys were playing hockey...
And we were all tired from playing, I mean working, in the yard!

Tony's girlfriend, Morgan, graduated and we had a great time at her party!

Morgan's family got to show off their new baby (I can't remember it's name)
And at the end of the day, this heart shaped cloud appeared and Tony told Morgan he ordered it just for her (the stinker, wonder where he gets it???)We celebrated Father's day by letting my hubby rest...
And the flowers were blooming...they were so beautiful! This is one of my favorites:
All was well with the house on the hill. How could it not be? The three Amigos watched over the neighborhood from their favorite spot in front of the house:
You can tell it is their favorite spot - we can't get grass to grow there!

At the end of the month, all these crazy women:
Got together for this:
Who is Catherine? THIS is Catherine. She's as smart and funny and nice as she is beautiful!

Soon she will marry this handsome man who braved the rainy weather to deliver these flowers:
And to keep his sister's head from getting too big (or at least that what I thought he was doing)
And I hope the beautiful couple lives happily ever after! You'll have to tune in a few days from now to see the wedding!
Now, I know that everyone wants to's Bill. Bill is fine, just look:'s soooo good to see you. Come back tomorrow! I've so much ready to show you!


Lucy said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! The dogs were missed...uh, I mean YOU were missed!!!

Lucy said... better come back know you are only about 40 minutes from my house....I may have to see the babies myself if you don't return!!

Terri said...

Yay! welcome back and we look forward to the rest of the year's posts!