Thursday, July 02, 2009

February...I'm thankful it was a short month!

When Mark came home, we pretended like we didn't see that dog he kept asking about. He kept pointing, we kept pretending like we didn't see her.

How could we not see her? She was precious, and so respectful. See how she looks up to Linda?
It didn't take her long to find out who was the best cuddler. All Tony had to do was sit still and she was on his lap, or beside him.

It didn't take long, though, for her to find out how cuddly the rest of the family was:
There's warmth in numbers on these cold winter nights:
She wasn't always a cute, cuddly little thing, sometimes she got frisky:

Mid February, we had to restrain the fur kids:

It was time to replace the kitchen floor. Every room in our house, bathrooms included, has a wood floor except the kitchen. It was time to replace the old, ugly floor:

Andy came over to help:

Tony supervised for a while,
But when Andy had to leave, Tony jumped in and helped finish the job. They worked so hard, but when it was done, it looked like a playground for dogs:
Or at least, that's what Bill and Winnie thought:
Finally they settled down to admire the new floor. I think it looks great, don't you?
See? I told you it was a short month. Up next: March! Be sure to come back.



Linda said...

I'm so glad you're back on track. I had been following you pretty regularly and then you just . . . diappeared! This is a good way to keep up with family - especially when you come from one as large as ours.

Your cuz,

Lucy said... all the pics!!!