Thursday, July 09, 2009


Linda and I decided to come back to the river to chill for a few days. Mark is pretty busy at work and Tony has a few long days scheduled this week...
We knit, we chilled, we had our morning coffee on the dock. After dinner, I sat here,

Knitting, drinking coffee and listening to a book on my mp3 player.
When it got dark, Linda and I jumped in the van and went to a place called the Ice Cream Pump, where they serve this:

Linda ...
And now, it's time for bed. Linda's already there and I'm on my way.
Sweet dreams!


Terri said...

aw, that's so cute! Linda is such a pretty girl. Sabrina and Apollo would LOVE to get ice cream AND cookies! (Actually, they got dog cookies at the gas station the other day with Bill ...)

sherriknits said...

I felt like I was going down the river with you, thanks for sharing!