Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here comes June!

After 20 years of trying to read and knit at the same time, I bought myself a new toy:

Isn't it adorable? I think it would fit in a tic-tac box and has more features than my 8 GB mp3 player! I love to listen to audio books and our local library has dozens.

I also got new glasses. Look quick, I'm glad I took a picture of them because they are now at the bottom of the Kiskiminetas River. That's not the worst part. The worst part is that they discontinued the frame. I can't get another pair like these. One day I'm going to have to resort to plain old glasses like everyone else...that will be a sad day for me!

Of course, there was something that I have been waiting for since 1992:
A Stanley Cup!!!!!!!

I don't think it's a secret that we're a hockey loving family. Always have been, probably always will...this year was a real nail biter:

Tony, Morgan, Kailyn and Andy all came over to watch the seventh game...

It was tense. To lighten the mood, Tony and Morgan took self portraits...
Andy and Kailyn entertained us by putting their rings in their noses (don't ask, I think it's something in the water, certainly not genetic!)...

It was stressful! By time it got to this:
I was in tears. I called my sister-in-law to announce that I was going to throw up.

My biggest fear was a repeat of this...

By time we got this far...
I was a nervous wreck!

We all slept like this...

And woke the next day, ready for this:

I'm not into pain and would never get a tattoo, but if I ever change my mind, this:
is what I'd have!

Don't get me wrong. I have a great hubby and I love him dearly...but he's not the only man in my life...there are many:
My guys! Thanks, Pens, for a wonderful, victorious year.
But you know, June wasn't all about hockey. It was the beginning of summer vacation!

This picture kind of describes Morgan's first week of vacation:

She was jogging and stepped in a hole. No broken bones, but really messed things up. No work for 4 weeks and now, nearly 6 weeks later, she's still a mess, but back to work.

She also decided to see if her Corgi, Chubbs, would like the river. Look at this and you tell me:
After the first ride, whenever Morgan would get on the jet ski, Chubbs would jump up on her lap!

My darling niece, Katlyn, came to the river for the first (but not last) time. Kailyn took her for her first jet ski ride...and now she's a regular!

The boys continue to play...and to learn new things...Vicky keeps tempting Stacy and Clinton...

And Chubbs still waits for another ride...

Could that be...is it possible???

It was!!!! That was June! You are finally caught up on what I did last year. Of course, I am sure I have forgotten things...and when I think of them, I will tell you...but that's pretty much it!


You didn't miss much!

I'm still happy you are here!

See you soon,


Terri said...

whew! what a whirlwind tour of the year! Looks like lots of fun is being had on the river. :-)

gay said...

wow you have a great spot for river fun...would love to meet you on the river but we are docked on the yough at the moment the allegheny is much less choppy and maybe i like it lots better but for now this is so close to home we couldn't pass up the chance to be able to get on the boat everyday if we want! i never thougth about a life jacket for my big dog. he is having hip/leg issues but would love to be able to float like that! fun fun fun!