Monday, July 06, 2009

Still here!

Almost like a honeymoon! Yesterday we had a house full, here on the river. Imagine this: 5 kids under 11, two brothers, one his, one mine; two sisters-in-law and a mom. We issued invitations, they came, all wearing bathing suits and life jackets, all eager to play in the river.
We had a lot of this:

And little of this:

and of course, this:

Just waiting for their turn to do this:

And that:
Is it any wonder that we stopped to take a ride, just the two of us, after the guests had all gone home, kids tired and sun kissed (only kissed...we are firm believers in sun block!), and probably asleep before they reached the main road, to take that fabulous sunset ride?

A restful night, no dogs to ask us to let them out at the crack of dawn (instead a married son to call at 6AM to talk about jeeps), just blissful quiet, a steak cooked over a wood fire for breakfast...and no, I was too hungry to stop and photograph it before devouring it...
And now, a few more hours, just the two of us, before our kids and mates come to spend the evening playing in the river.
Then back home...where he dogs outweigh and out-eat the humans, dust bunnies, after having their way for two days, will probably have started a community complete with mayor and school district and of course, the laundry, that is bright enough to multiply and too bright to get itself back into drawers...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh...I am blessed!

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sherriknits said...

what a wonderful family you have and what great fun you have together! love the steak over the fire thing!